BrandFlick takes a journalistic approach, crafting stories to make emotional connections that run deeper than mere advertising.



Our trademarked BrandFlick uses a journalistic approach and rich visual imagery to permeate your brand. We’ll gather key points and stories from you and your people to make emotional connections that run deeper than mere advertising.



Our BrandStory individual branding packages and organization BrandStory options go beyond mere reporting to delve into details that resonate on a personal level. We create heart touching pieces that stir imaginations and connect people in a profound way.

A True Representation of You


A BrandFlick tells your story to the outside world. Using your people and your facilities, we dip deep to find what sets you apart from your competitors in a way that rings true. Applications include Marketing, New Client Welcome, and Video Sales Brochures.



A True Representation of You


A MissionFlick tells your story to current and potential donors and is often used during a Capital Campaign. Highlighting the people who benefit from your services, we tug on the heartstrings while demonstrating the good you’re doing every day.



Show off at a Trade Show


A SizzleFlick is heavy on visual and grabs the attention of a Trade Show attendee or Career Fair candidate. Quick Edits and flashy imagery draw people in and facilitate a conversation.



Attract the Right Candidates to Grow Your Organization


Accurately communicating your culture to potential employees is the best way to attract and retain the right people to grow your organization. Our RecruitmentFlick uses your employees to entice candidates to want to join your team.



Communicating Your Mission, Vision, and Culture


Using your people, we communicate to your internal customers. Mission/Vision Statements, New Employee Orientation, Training and New Initiative Launches are a few applications for the InsideFlick.



Capturing Your Story

We customize your BrandStory for both individuals and organizations to tell the story behind your story. Our thoughtfully crafted words tell the world who you are, what exactly you offer, what sets you apart and why any of it matters.

Company BrandStory

A Company BrandStory is a great way to connect with clients or customers as well as your staff. We help reveal your story and infuse it throughout your brand in applications such as:

-Website Content Rejuvenation

-Blog Posts

-Sales and Promotional Materials

-New Employee Announcements

-Job Descriptions

Personal BrandStory

Our Personal BrandStory is aimed at helping professionals tell their story in a personal way that allows them to connect with potential clients or employers. Aimed at individuals in crowded fields, we’ll tell your story in a way that resonates with potential clients or employers. Your Personal BrandStory can be used for:

-Website Bio

-Social Media Profiles

-Electronic Resumes